How To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Beautiful


As a woman I believe that modern women today are most likely to suffer from unhealthy nails or health conditions that damage them. Why? Modern women almost always have polish, acrylics, gels or stick ons all of which conceal the true condition of the nails while at the same time making them look very beautiful. In the quest to attain beautiful nails, many women have also ended up getting infections that were severe and in some cases demanded the amputation of a finger, hand, toe or foot.

So how can you ensure that your nails stay healthy and beautiful? Here are a few tips.

1. Cuticle Removal

Most infections we get while having manicures and pedicures done are as a result of wrong cuticle removal. The main purpose of the cuticle is to protect the nail bed from inflammation and infections. The proper way to remove cuticles is by first applying some cuticle lotion to soften the cuticles then soaking your fingernails or toenails in warm water. Using a cuticle remover, gently push the cuticles back. Once this is done the pushed back cuticle will be raised over the nail bed. This is what we call the excess cuticle. Use a nail clipper to cut the excess cuticle. Do not remove or pull the cuticles to try and remove them and don’t allow the beautician at the salon to forcefully remove the cuticles. Should you do this, you leave your nail bed exposed and susceptible to infections and inflammation. After cutting off excess cuticle, apply cuticle lotion or hand lotion so as to keep your nails and cuticles soft and moisturized.

2. Dietary Needs

A diet rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and Phosphorous will help prevent your nails from being dry and brittle. Foods rich in Vitamin A include apricots, carrots cheese and broccoli. Foods rich in calcium include milk, yoghurt, cheese & almonds. Carrot juice is rich in calcium and Phosphorous.

Hang nails are small strips of skin that separate from the cuticles. To prevent hangnails take foods rich in protein, folic acid and vitamin C.

Spirulina and kelp are very good diet supplements that help make your nails healthy and strong.

A diet rich in Vitamin B 12, which is found in foods such as eggs, fish, liver, beef, oysters, can prevent your nails from dryness, rounded nails, curved nails and darkening of nails.

Overall, a diet rich in fruits and raw vegetables will result in very strong healthy nails since these foods are rich in Vitamins and minerals essential for your nail growth and overall health.

3. Keep it Natural

I know how much better nails look in gels, acrylics and stick ons; but what you may not know is how badly they damage your nail plate. I’m not saying don’t ever put them on. All I’m saying is don’t make a habit of it. Once in a while is not too bad. The best way to keep your nails healthy is by keeping them natural. Artificial nails contain chemicals and glue that could cause fungal infection on your nails. The methacrylic acid used during application of acrylic is corrosive and so if used in excess it can seep through the nail plate and cause damage to the nail bed.

Avoid polishing your nails through out. Leave them without polish for at least one full week in a month so as to avoid discoloration.

Avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde. It’s better to use polish remover that contains acetate. While removing nail polish, use as little polish remover as possible and then wash your nails thoroughly with soap and water to remove all traces of both the polish and remover.

4. Keep your Nails Clean & Short

Long nails may have been fashionable in the 80’s and early 90’s but that has changed and short nails are now trendy. Some ladies however like their nails long and polished. Long nails are hard to keep clean as they conceal a lot of dirt beneath them and they are also prone to breakage. I’m an African woman and I find it totally ridiculous for an African woman to have long nails because we at one point of another have to do some household chores no matter how subtle. Very long nails inhibit your ability to put your hand into full use when carrying out tasks; be it household or otherwise. So keep your nails short and clean. It’s classy, professional & trendy.

5. Moisturize & Hydrate

Just like the skin needs lots of water to stay hydrated and moisturized, so do your nails. So it’s very important to take at least 1 liter of water a day but the recommended quantity is 2 liters or 8 glasses. Let’s face it; very few of us can manage the latter so the former option is better than taking no water at all.

To keep your nails moisturized, invest in a cuticle cream/softener such as lanolin and use it every time after using water to clean or do other chores. Also make sure you apply some lotion or hand cream before going to bed.

Now you know what to do to realize healthy beautiful nails. Be nice and share the same with a friend.


Goal Setting: Setting Goals and Obtaining Results


GOALS SHOULD BE QUANTIFIABLE: It should be possible to analyze every goal in terms of specific quantifiable objectives. Naturally, for certain tasks, measurement of objectives will be more difficult to attain; the key is to make every effort to reduce each goal to its most quantifiable form. For example, a customer service department might have the following general goals: 1. To increase output on customer acknowledgments. 2. To boost the number of customer telephone inquiries that are handled. 3. To distribute mail in a timely manner. As described, the above goals are completely immeasurable. It is almost certain that the manager’s expectations will not be met. The solution: Quantify these goals in a realistic, feasible fashion that will also insure departmental productivity: 1. To type 10 customer acknowledgment letters per hour. 2. Handle a minimum of 15 telephone customer inquiries per each two hour shift. 3. Open, sort, and distribute all mail for the third floor before 10 a.m. each working day.

GOALS MUST BE SET IN A PROPER CLIMATE: A conducive climate (where the employees do not feel threatened and are encouraged to ask for clarification) provides the possibility of two-way feedback. Such a setting insures that a transmitted goal or objective will leave no room for doubt as to what is required. Consider this example: the department head of inventory-control specialists who approaches all the specialists at once. She presents a department goal and in front of all the specialists, identifies how each will participate in the goal. Unless this is followed up with individual meetings with each specialist to discuss his or her role, it is likely that none of the specialists will approach the department head for any sort of discussion and, consequently, the goal will never reach fruition.

AVOID THE VAGUE AND AMBIGUOUS: Objective: “To increase the output of sales training programs for international personnel.” To almost any listener, some or all of the following questions may come to mind in response to this goal. “What does output mean?” If there is no room for measurement, how will we know when the goal is met? What is the time period involved? In addition, there is the vagueness of the term “international personnel.” Does it mean all personnel now based overseas, or could it include home office people based in the United States who are responsible for overseas operations? Ambiguous wording leads to such confusion, jeopardizing the success of what might be an otherwise reasonable, attainable goal.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture


Let’s face it. Plastic has taken over the world! There isn’t anything today that can’t be found in plastic. Everything that was at some time made of natural fibre or material can be found in a plastic version. It can be found in every industry today including the medicine industry, the agriculture industry, the horticulture industry etc. From footwear to kitchen accessories you find adaptations of the same. Yes, it does have its disadvantages, but who can deny its many advantages?

Every household has at least one plastic furniture piece or a related accessory. It may be a chair, or a pen stand, but you will find at least one plastic item there. The frequency of finding this furniture is higher in middle class to lower class homes.

• What attracts people to purchasing plastic furniture is the cost aspect. It is relatively inexpensive. Plastic can be made into a lovely and comfortable chair which will cost only a fraction of what it takes to buy a regular chair. If you have a tight budget and yet want to get as many items of furniture as possible, plastic is the answer!

• It is light weight and can be easily moved around. One does not require much help while moving plastic furniture while rearranging the room. It is extremely convenient to have a chair that can be pulled around without having to call for help or using much effort.

• It is practically unbreakable. It used to make furniture is of a good grade and hence is extremely study. It does not break or shatter if dropped. It also does not react with the environment and crack or swell due to the moisture as in the case of wood. It does not catch fungus or require constant polishing. It does not rust or house termites. Hence it can be safely said that plastic requires low or rather practically no maintenance.

• Plastic can be recycled. Also the use of plastic stalls the cutting of trees and destroying forests. Wooden furniture requires wood to be extracted from the barks of trees. It leads to deforestation and ecological problems.

• Plastic furniture is bright and happy. It can change the mood of the room. It can be taken outdoors for picnics and brought back with ease. Plastic furniture is available in more colours than any other material. Plastic furniture is versatile. It is easier to mould and create shapes using plastic. Chiselling and carving is easily achieved on plastic surfaces than on wood or metal.

• It is great for children who have butter fingers and tend to drop things often.

• Plastic furniture can be left out in the rain without worrying about it getting spoilt.

Plastic furniture is forever growing industry. Plastic furniture is a growing trend and is quite fashionable. Even though plastic in some cases lacks the class and sophistication that come with conventional wooden furniture, it is a small price to pay for the numerous advantages and conveniences that plastic brings!


Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch: The Best Chronograph Watch


I am not much for watches and really don’t know anything about men’s chronograph watches. However, when I was hanging out in D.C. my girl and I decided to go in an expensive jewelry store. As she looked at rings (hint hint) I kept strolling around. During my stroll I just happened to walk by the glass case of watches. Out of curiosity I closely looked at what they had. As I expected the expensive Omega Chronoraph watches where there, as well as Omega watches of all kinds. These things were expensive which I already knew. Then there were some other brands I never heard of and then I saw a brand called Zenith.

What caught my eye was these unusual looking chronograph watches for men. They looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. What I saw was the Zenith Men’s 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch

It looked like something designed by H.R Geiger for the Predator to wear! Man was it cool, but when I saw the price of almost 150 K I couldn’t believe it. I thought Omega and another well known brand of watch only cost that much. Man was I wrong!

What did this damn thing do I thought. So I asked the jeweler, “What’s it do?” He looked at me and smiled and said “Nothing. Only 25 have been made.” He then reached in, pulled it out, and let me hold it. Since it cost as much as one of my underwater properties I was apprehensive to touch it, but I did. It was heavy and it’s watch arms moved by the movement of my wrist so it required no battery. When my girl looked at it she was shocked at the price and said it was ugly and kept browsing. She isn’t impressed by material things.

The jeweler gave me a little history lesson about Zenith watches. He said the Swiss company had been in business for over a hundred years and that they have the highest quality of manufacturing for hand made watches. Zenith watches are used for exploration, aviation and the navy. So I thought great, more tax payer dollars at work. Anyway, I wasn’t really paying attention because I was just looking at how cool the watch was and where the nearest 7-11 was so I could buy a lottery ticket. Lottery winnings was what was needed to by this joker!

This watch is made of unique material called Zinichum a form of Titanium so it is almost indestructable and very shock resistant. It can survive depths of a 3300 feet. Not only are these watches like mini tanks takes but they are incredibly stylish. I found this out as I looked at one of the catalogs the jeweler had and saw the creative director of the company Thierry Nataf. I had no idea Zenith was the king of the chrono and that people put so much effort into a watch.

This is by no means a girly watch. I liked looking at it very much, especially as the little hands and inner workings of the watch functioned. I politely handed it back to the jeweler and said, “some day” He told me. “I will be here when that day comes”

This is an ultimate splurge and if I had 150k I would have got it; why not. It really doesn’t matter what the watch does, in my eyes it is a cool status symbol. It kept the time and would have been an awesome babe magnet if I was single. I really don’t know much about watches like I said. However, I think this watch is simply the best because it looks cool, otherworldly and is heavy. The Zenith Defy Watch is expensive but isn’t your typical gold, diamond, bling-bling watch.


Sport in Our Life


Sport has become an integral part of human life.The word ‘Sport’ had originated between 1910 and 1915. Sport connotes a physical activity governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Over the years Sport has undergone an amazing metamorphosis. Sport was initially developed for recreation of the human beings. It has grown monstrously in the modern days and become high-tech.

Sport, athletic games or tests of skill have been undertaken primarily for the diversion or recreation of the participants or spectators. Sport has great and varied manifestations. It has been restricted to any play, pastime, exercise, game or contest performed under the given rules.

It has been played either indoor or outdoor, on individual or team basis, with or without competition, but requiring skill and some form of physical exertion. Some Sports, such as hunting, fishing, running and swimming have evolved out of the primitive ways and lifestyle of human life. Some Sports, such as riding, shooting, throwing the javelin or archery have derived from early military practices and background. Sports like boxing, wrestling and jumping, had arisen from the spontaneous human outbursts and challenges and occasional hostilities that had accompanied human interaction.

The development of sport in the ancient, middle ages and in the modern days has been phenomenal. In the ancient days, the Greek and Roman had evinced a keen interest in developing sport. It was the Greek who organized the Olympics and interestingly people from all over the world participated and witnessed it. Thus modern Olympics had originated in Athens city of Greece. The feudal system of the middle ages had hampered the growth of sport that was revived only in the days of renaissance. In the modern days, especially in the 20th century, sport has witnessed an organized growth and development of games.Baseball in the US, cricket in England, hockey in countries like India and Pakistan are some of the games that developed rapidly in the 20 th century.Olympic games, Pan-American games, Commonwealth Games and Afro-Asian Games etc have been organized and held at periodic intervals, making the sport as an international event in the 20 th century.

In the 21 century, sport has turned ultra-modern and developed with high tech facilities.The games like cricket , football and hockey have increasingly become global.Frequent changes in the rules of the games have been further complicated by the umpiring controversies due to human errors.The building of ultramodern stadia, provision of adequate infrastructure facilities etc had further increased their problems manifold and put them under a heavy financial stake.On the other hand technology has facilitated live telecasting and viewing of the matches and games so easy, thereby easing the common mans’ burden to some extent.The Olympic events have been held under the auspices of International Olympic Association. Almost all countries of the world have become members of International Olympic Association and participate in Olympics, which is periodically held once in four years. Similarly cricket has a governing body called International Cricket Council to hold the premiere events like the world cup and the champions trophy etc with the object of spreading cricket throughout the world. Hockey has an International governing council known as International Hockey Federation, enrolling all hockey playing members in the world. Similarly soccer world cup has been held under the auspices of an international organization once in four years.The soccer playing member countries have to go through rigorous qualifying rounds before participating in the soccer world cup. Modern sport has also witnessed the evolution of multimillionaires like Sachin Tendulkar in cricket, Ronaldo in soccer, William sisters in Tennis, who have risen to prominence by dint of their hard work, skill and passion for their respective games.

The modern Sport has also witnessed the growth and development of sport and its allied industries. Media industry like Sports journalism, Sports education and online games etc have evolved and developed out of sports. Each country has a separate Sports ministry. For example India has a separate Sports Authority of India with sufficient funds to function separately and independently. Sports goods and apparels like tennis ball, rocket etc in tennis, bat, ball, flannels, Sport wears etc in cricket, hockey sticks, balls and synthetic astroturf etc in hockey have been the money spinning projects globally. Sponsorship has been a modern feature in popular games like cricket, soccer, tennis etc involving millions of dollars. Similarly popular players of cricket, soccer and tennis etc are engaged by the multinational companies to advertise their products, spending millions of dollars. Last but not least, Sport has been not only meant for recreation but also has the object of keeping the individual concerned in good health and stamina. We are all aware that a healthy person is a wealthy person and Sport has been the secret of ones’ health as well as wealth.


Business Analyst Finance Domain Sample Resume


This is just a sample Business Analyst resume for freshers as well as for experienced job seekers in Finance domain of business analyst or system analyst. While this is only a sample resume, please use this only for reference purpose, do not copy the same client names or job duties for your own purpose. Always make your own resume with genuine experience.

Name: Justin Megha


your email here.

Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst


  • Accomplished in Business Analysis, System Analysis, Quality Analysis and Project Management with extensive experience in business products, operations and Information Technology on the capital markets space specializing in Finance such as Trading, Fixed Income, Equities, Bonds, Derivatives(Swaps, Options, etc) and Mortgage with sound knowledge of broad range of financial instruments.
  • Over 11+ Years of proven track record as value-adding, delivery-loaded project hardened professional with hands-on expertise spanning in System Analysis, Architecting Financial applications, Data warehousing, Data Migrations, Data Processing, ERP applications, SOX Implementation and Process Compliance Projects.
  • Accomplishments in analysis of large-scale business systems, Project Charters, Business Requirement Documents, Business Overview Documents, Authoring Narrative Use Cases, Functional Specifications, and Technical Specifications, data warehousing, reporting and testing plans.
  • Expertise in creating UML based Modelling views like Activity/ Use Case/Data Flow/Business Flow /Navigational Flow/Wire Frame diagrams using Rational Products & MS Visio.
  • Proficient as long time liaison between business and technology with competence in Full Life Cycle of System (SLC) development with Waterfall, Agile, RUP methodology, IT Auditing and SOX Concepts as well as broad cross-functional experiences leveraging multiple frameworks.
  • Extensively worked with the On-site and Off-shore Quality Assurance Groups by assisting the QA team to perform Black Box /GUI testing/ Functionality /Regression /System /Unit/Stress /Performance/ UAT’s.
  • Facilitated change management across entire process from project conceptualization to testing through project delivery, Software Development & Implementation Management in diverse business & technical environments, with demonstrated leadership abilities.


  • Post Graduate Diploma (in Business Administration), USA
  • Master’s Degree (in Computer Applications),
  • Bachelor’s Degree (in Commerce),


Documentation Tools UML, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project), MS Visio, Erwin

SDLC Methodologies Waterfall, Iterative, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Spiral, Agile

Modeling Tools UML, MS Visio, Erwin, Power Designer, Metastrom Provision

Reporting Tools Business Objects X IR2, Crystal Reports, MS Office Suite

QA Tools Quality Center, Test Director, Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP, Rational Requisite Pro, Bugzilla, Clear Quest

Languages Java, VB, SQL, HTML, XML, UML, ASP, JSP

Databases & OS MS SQL Server, Oracle 10g, DB2, MS Access on Windows XP / 2000, Unix

Version Control Rational Clear Case, Visual Source Safe


SERVICE MASTER, Memphis, TN June 08 – Till Date

Senior Business Analyst

Terminix has approximately 800 customer service agents that reside in our branches in addition to approximately 150 agents in a centralized call center in Memphis, TN. Terminix customer service agents receive approximately 25 million calls from customers each year. Many of these customer’s questions are not answered or their problems are not resolved on the first call. Currently these agents use an AS/400 based custom developed system called Mission to answer customer inquiries into branches and the Customer Communication Center. Mission – Terminix’s operation system – provides functionality for sales, field service (routing & scheduling, work order management), accounts receivable, and payroll. This system is designed modularly and is difficult to navigate for customer service agents needing to assist the customer quickly and knowledgeably. The amount of effort and time needed to train a customer service representative using the Mission system is high. This combined with low agent and customer retention is costly.

Customer Service Console enables Customer Service Associates to provide consistent, enhanced service experience, support to the Customers across the Organization. CSC is aimed at providing easy navigation, easy learning process, reduced call time and first call resolution.


  • Assisted in creating Project Plan, Road Map. Designed Requirements Planning and Management document.
  • Performed Enterprise Analysis and actively participated in buying Tool Licenses.
  • Identified subject-matter experts and drove the requirements gathering process through approval of the documents that convey their needs to management, developers, and quality assurance team.
  • Performed technical project consultation, initiation, collection and documentation of client business and functional requirements, solution alternatives, functional design, testing and implementation support.
  • Requirements Elicitation, Analysis, Communication, and Validation according to Six Sigma Standards.
  • Captured Business Process Flows and Reengineered Process to achieve maximum outputs.
  • Captured As-Is Process, designed TO-BE Process and performed Gap Analysis
  • Developed and updated functional use cases and conducted business process modeling (PROVISION) to explain business requirements to development and QA teams.
  • Created Business Requirements Documents, Functional and Software Requirements Specification Documents.
  • Performed Requirements Elicitation through Use Cases, one to one meetings, Affinity Exercises, SIPOC’s.
  • Gathered and documented Use Cases, Business Rules, created and maintained Requirements/Test Traceability Matrices.

Client: The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, Parsippany, NJ May’ 2007 – Oct’ 2007

Profile: Sr. Financial Business Analyst/ Systems Analyst.

Project Profile (1): D&B is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses. The Point of Arrival Project and the Data Maintenance (DM) Project are the future applications of the company that the company would transit into, providing an effective method & efficient report generation system for D&B’s clients to be able purchase reports about companies they are trying to do business.

Project Profile (2): The overall purpose of this project was building a Self Awareness System(SAS) for the business community for buying SAS products and a Payment system was built for SAS. The system would provide certain combination of products (reports) for Self Monitoring report as a foundation for managing a company’s credit.


  • Conducted GAP Analysis and documented the current state and future state, after understanding the Vision from the Business Group and the Technology Group.
  • Conducted interviews with Process Owners, Administrators and Functional Heads to gather audit-related information and facilitated meetings to explain the impacts and effects of SOX compliance.
  • Played an active and lead role in gathering, analyzing and documenting the Business Requirements, the business rules and Technical Requirements from the Business Group and the Technological Group.
  • Co – Authored and prepared Graphical depictions of Narrative Use Cases, created UML Models such as Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Flow Diagrams using MS Visio throughout the Agile methodology
  • Documented the Business Requirement Document to get a better understanding of client’s business processes of both the projects using the Agile methodology.
  • Facilitating JRP and JAD sessions, brain storming sessions with the Business Group and the Technology Group.
  • Documented the Requirement traceability matrix (RTM) and conducted UML Modelling such as creating Activity Diagrams, Flow Diagrams using MS Visio. Analysed test data to detect significant findings and recommended corrective measures
  • Co-Managed the Change Control process for the entire project as a whole by facilitating group meetings, one-on-one interview sessions and email correspondence with work stream owners to discuss the impact of Change Request on the project.
  • Worked with the Project Lead in setting realistic project expectations and in evaluating the impact of changes on the organization and plans accordingly and conducted project related presentations.
  • Co-oordinated with the off shore QA Team members to explain and develop the Test Plans, Test cases, Test and Evaluation strategy and methods for unit testing, functional testing and usability testing

Environment: Windows XP/2000, SOX, Sharepoint, SQL, MS Visio, Oracle, MS Office Suite, Mercury ITG, Mercury Quality Center, XML, XHTML, Java, J2EE.

GATEWAY COMPUTERS, Irvine, CA, Jan 06 – Mar 07

Business Analyst

At Gateway, a Leading Computer, Laptop and Accessory Manufacturer, was involved in two projects,

Order Capture Application: Objective of this Project is to Develop Various Mediums of Sales with a Centralized Catalog. This project involves wide exposure towards Requirement Analysis, Creating, Executing and Maintaining of Test plans and Test Cases. Mentored and trained staff about Tech Guide & Company Standards; Gateway reporting system: was developed with Business Objects running against Oracle data warehouse with Sales, Inventory, and HR Data Marts. This DW serves the different needs of Sales Personnel and Management. Involved in the development of it utilized Full Client reports and Web Intelligence to deliver analytics to the Contract Administration group and Pricing groups. Reporting data mart included Wholesaler Sales, Contract Sales and Rebates data.


  • Product Manager for Enterprise Level Order Entry Systems – Phone, B2B, and Cataloging System.
  • Modeled the Sales Order Entry process to eliminate bottleneck process steps using ERWIN.
  • Adhered and practiced RUP for implementing software development life cycle.
  • Gathered Requirements from different sources like Stakeholders, Documentation, Corporate Goals, Existing Systems, and Subject Matter Experts by conducting Workshops, Interviews, Use Cases, Prototypes, Reading Documents, Market Analysis, Observations
  • Created Functional Requirement Specification documents – which include UMLUse case diagrams, Scenarios, activity, work Flow diagrams and data mapping. Process and Data modeling with MS VISIO.
  • Worked with Technical Team to create Business Services (Web Services) that Application could leverage using SOA, to create System Architecture and CDM for common order platform.
  • Designed Payment Authorization (Credit Card, Net Terms, and Pay Pal) for the transaction/order entry systems.
  • Implemented A/B Testing, Customer Feedback Functionality to
  • Worked with the DW, ETL teams to create Order entry systems Business Objects reports. (Full Client, Web I)
  • Worked in a cross functional team of Business, Architects and Developers to implement new features.
  • Program Managed Enterprise Order Entry Systems – Development and Deployment Schedule.
  • Developed and maintained User Manuals, Application Documentation Manual, on Share Point tool.
  • Created Test Plansand Test Strategies to define the Objective and Approach of testing.
  • Used Quality Center to track and report system defects and bug fixes. Written modification requests for the bugs in the application and helped developers to track and resolve the problems.
  • Developed and Executed Manual, Automated Functional, GUI, Regression, UAT Test cases using QTP.
  • Gathered, documented and executed Requirements-based, Business process (workflow/user scenario), Data driven test cases for User Acceptance Testing.
  • Created Test Matrix, Used Quality Center for Test Management, track & report system defects and bug fixes.
  • Performed Load, stress Testing’s & Analyzed Performance, Response Times. Designed approach, developed visual scripts in order to test client & server side performance under various conditions to identify bottlenecks.
  • Created / developed SQL Queries (TOAD) with several parameters for Backend/DB testing
  • Conducted meetings for project status, issue identification, and parent task review, Progress Reporting.


Business Analyst

The primary objective of this project is to replace the existing Internal Facing Client / Server Applications with a Web enabled Application System, which can be used across all the Business Channels. This project involves wide exposure towards Requirement Analysis, Creating, Executing and Maintaining of Test plans and Test Cases. Demands understanding and testing of Data Warehouse and Data Marts, thorough knowledge of ETL and Reporting, Enhancement of the Legacy System covered all of the business requirements related to Valuations from maintaining the panel of appraisers to ordering, receiving, and reviewing the valuations.


  • Gathered Analyzed, Validated, and Managed and documented the stated Requirements. Interacted with users for verifying requirements, managing change control process, updating existing documentation.
  • Created Functional Requirement Specification documents – that include UML Use case diagrams, scenarios, activity diagrams and data mapping. Provided End User Consulting on Functionality and Business Process.
  • Acted as a client liaison to review priorities and manage the overall client queue. Provided consultation services to clients, technicians and internal departments on basic to intricate functions of the applications.
  • Identified business directions & objectives that may influence the required data and application architectures.
  • Defined, prioritized business requirements, Determine which business subject areas provide the most needed information; prioritize and sequence implementation projects accordingly.
  • Provide relevant test scenarios for the testing team. Work with test team to develop system integration test scripts and ensure the testing results correspond to the business expectations.
  • Used Test Director, QTP, Load Runner for Test management, Functional, GUI, Performance, Stress Testing
  • Perform Data Validation, Data Integration and Backend/DB testing using SQL Queries manually.
  • Created Test input requirements and prepared the test data for data driven testing.
  • Mentored, trained staff about Tech Guide & Company Standards. Set-up and Coordinate Onsite offshore teams, Conduct Knowledge Transfer sessions to the offshore team.

Lloyds Bank, UK Aug 03 – Sept 04

Business Analyst

Lloyds TSB is leader in Business, Personal and Corporate Banking. Noted financial provider for millions of customers with the financial resources to meet and manage their credit needs and to achieve their financial goals. The Project involves an applicant Information System, Loan Appraisal and Loan Sanction, Legal, Disbursements, Accounts, MIS and Report Modules of a Housing Finance System and Enhancements for their Internet Banking.


  • Translated stakeholder requirements into various documentation deliverables such as functional specifications, use cases, workflow / process diagrams, data flow / data model diagrams.
  • Produced functional specifications and led weekly meetings with developers and business units to discuss outstanding technical issues and deadlines that had to be met.
  • Coordinated project activities between clients and internal groups and information technology, including project portfolio management and project pipeline planning.
  • Provided functional expertise to developers during the technical design and construction phases of the project.
    • Documented and analyzed business workflows and processes. Present the studies to the client for approval
    • Participated in Universe development – planning, designing, Building, distribution, and maintenance phases.
    • Designed and developed Universes by defining Joins, Cardinalities between the tables.
      • Created UML use case, activity diagrams for the interaction between report analyst and the reporting systems.
      • Successfully implemented BPR and achieved improved Performance, Reduced Time and Cost.
      • Developed test plans and scripts; performed client testing for routine to complex processes to ensure proper system functioning.
      • Worked closely with UAT Testers and End Users during system validation, User Acceptance Testing to expose functionality/business logic problems that unit testing and system testing have missed out.
        • Participated in Integration, System, Regression, Performance, and UAT – Using TD, WR, Load Runner
        • Participated in defect review meetings with the team members. Worked closely with the project manager to record, track, prioritize and close bugs. Used CVS to maintain versions between various stages of SDLC.

Client: A.G. Edwards, St. Louis, MO May’ 2005 – Feb’ 2006

Profile: Sr. Business Analyst/System Analyst

Project Profile: A.G. Edwards is a full service Trading based brokerage firm in Internet-based futures, options and forex brokerage. This site allows Users (Financial Representative) to trade online. The main features of this site were: Users can open new account online to trade equitiies, bonds, derivatives and forex with the Trading system using DTCC’s applications as a Clearing House agent. The user will get real-time streaming quotes for the currency pairs they selected, their current position in the forex market, summary of work orders, payments and current money balances, P & L Accounts and available trading power, all continuously updating in real time via live quotes. The site also facilitates users to Place, Change and Cancel an Entry Order, Placing a Market Order, Place/Modify/Delete/Close a Stop Loss Limit on an Open Position.


  • Gathered Business requirements pertaining to Trading, equities and Fixed Incomes like bonds, converted the same into functional requirements by implementing the RUP methodology and authored the same in Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Designed and developed all Narrative Use Cases and conducted UML modeling like created Use Case Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams and Activity Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Implemented the entire Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology of application development with its various workflows, artifacts and activities. Developed business process models in RUP to document existing and future business processes. Established a business Analysis methodology around the Rational Unified Process.
  • Analyzed user requirements, attended Change Request meetings to document changes and implemented procedures to test changes.
  • Assisted in developing project timelines/deliverables/strategies for effective project management.
  • Evaluated existing practices of storing and handling important financial data for compliance.
  • Involved in developing the test strategy and assisted in developed Test scenarios, test conditions and test cases
  • Partnered with the technical areas in the research, resolution of system and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Environment: Windows XP/2000/NT, SOX, MS Office Suite, SQL, MS SQL Server, XML, HTML, Java, J2EE, JSP, Oracle, WinRunner, Test Director


How to Make a Frozen Cocktail


A cocktail is a well know drink globally and is enjoyed all around the world. It involves combining fresh fruits and juices, mixed with crushed ice and alcohol to create a great tasting beverage. The cocktail is synonymous with beach front and tropical settings, but can also be seen in bars or at events and parties.

The cocktail is believed to have come from Italian culture. The Italians have been making a drink called the frozen granita for centuries. This involves shaving ice off a large block and crushing it. This is then mixed with available juices, such as lemon, orange and watermelon. This would ultimately create a slushie like beverage, which is enjoyed by both kids and adults.

The granita laid the platform for the frozen cocktail. People starting adding left over bits of alcohol into the granita which formed an alcoholic slushie. From here people came up with different recipes and today there are hundreds of cocktail recipes.

Making a cocktail can be pretty easy. It is just a matter of mixing some juices and alcohol. However, a frozen cocktail is a little bit more challenging. To make one, you need about half a kilo of ice. This needs to be broken down into smaller pieces. To achieve this, you can use a few techniques. The first is to use a blender. This is the easiest way. All you do is put the ice inside and blend for 30 seconds and it will finish in a nice slushie texture. You can also use a pestle and mortar and break down the ice, doing only a handful at a time.

Once you have the ice into a crushed form, you can then start mixing the rest of the ingredients. So, to make a tequila sunrise, you would need a few ingredients. You would need 2 peaches, a handful of raspberries, 100ml of tequila and a fresh lime. You need to chop up all the fruit into small pieces. You can then blend or use the pestle and mortar to crush. You mix this into a jug with your crushed ice and stir thoroughly. You can then add the tequila. This will also help to break down the fruit a bit so it is in more of a liquid consistency for easier drinking. Then all you need to do is squeeze in one fresh lime and mix together and you will have a refreshing cocktail.

With today’s modern technology you don’t have to go to all this effort if you don’t want to. There is a machine available on the market which automates this whole process. It is commonly know as the slushie machine or the cocktail machine. All you need to do is pour in ready to go juice or flavouring, There are hundreds of ready to go cocktail mixes available so you don’t have to mix any fresh fruits. The best part is the cocktail machine turns the liquid into ice after sixty minutes, so you don’t need to add any ice. A spinning auger inside the slushie machines mixes all the juice and ice and then you can just pull down the handle and the drinks are ready. The downside to these machines are that they are expensive to buy. You can hire a cocktail machine relatively cheap from a party hire supplier if you only need to use it occasionally.

Frozen cocktails are delicious whether you make them by hand or use a slushie machine.


Ping Pong, My Favorite Sport


Most of us love outdoor games and recreation. Basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, you name it. But if you are interested in playing without having to go out of doors, then ping pong or table tennis is for you.  It has the same basics with tennis but instead of playing in the court, you are playing it on a green table. The net is the boundary between you and your opponent.  The aim of the game is to toss the ball towards the area of your opponent and it should touch down on his or her table and he or she has to hit it back to your side of the table to create a steady game. The score is up to 12. When a player fails to hit it and toss it back  means a score to his or her opponent. If the ball hits the net, the player who tosses it towards the net losses his move.

A ball that hits the edge is considered foul. The game just goes on and on and the first player to score 12 or Love, a ping pong term, wins the game. As you play, you are unknowingly disciplining yourself, your hand most of all as you maneuver your strokes so that the ball stays inside the play area. Because in table tennis, the table has a limited space, you have to be extra alert on where your ball will land, thus disciplining your stroke and your strength as well. 

Ping pong or table tennis is quite an enjoyable sport. Anyone can play the game. It is best when the weather prevents you from going outdoors. Why not take up ping pong and play it indoors? Whenever day to day stress seem too much to bear and you just want to loosen up, get up, grab that handy racket and head to your green table with someone for a healthy, relaxing game of ping pong.


MacGyver Yourself Into Success


In the great wisdom of TV entertainment, the popular 90s series MacGyver is back, re-hauled and re-cast, with fresh young faces, but the point is the same: trouble occurs, MacGyver is (usually reluctantly) called to the rescue, and “MacGyvering” ensues.

Which, for me, is the appeal of the show: what on earth is MacGyver going to duct-tape, chewing-gum, paper-clip together this time to rout the bad guys and save the day? He has a genuine hero’s approach to problems-never sulking, walking away or giving up in the face of a problem, always looking for a different approach. In a word, “Can’t be done” is always translated into “Gotta be a way.”

What a winning approach to life! How many times have you told yourself “Can’t be done” and with those fatal words, dashed your dreams, smashed your hopes, given up on a cherished goal? I certainly have, more often than I’d like to admit, and always to my later regret.

Optimists don’t do that. Optimists, defined by their hopeful and confident attitude toward the future, run quite literally where others fear to tread. Which is why optimists are often labeled “fools” or “Pollyanna.” Forgetting that Pollyanna thrived.

It’s truly worth adopting an optimist’s hopeful attitude toward the future. Study after study proves that optimists do very well: they live longer, are healthier, more successful, and happier than pessimists. My favorite? They outperform their own talents. Personally, I take that as very good news.

The mistake is thinking that optimists simply rush headlong into any and all ventures. Optimists, instead, look at situations like everyone else, with an eye to what might go wrong, but what’s critical, is they also look at what might go right, and chose to lean in that direction.

Take Bill Gates, for example. How easy it would have been, for him, sitting in his garage, to think “Who’s gonna want this stuff? Never gonna happen!” and abandon his dream to pursue something tried and true. Like door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. Which, by the way, is now a defunct profession. But he didn’t. He chose the optimistic course: maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere would find value in what he had to offer. Or take Elon Musk, or Hillary Clinton. I don’t care what your politics are, think of how optimistic you must be to either shoot for the moon, physically, or shoot for the moon, in terms of aiming to be the first woman president.

My dream? Double-pirouettes by age 70. OK, not everybody’s dream I grant you, but my small dream, which takes a significant optimistic viewpoint to even consider. What’s yours? To write that novel? Create that work of art that thrums in your brain night and day? Travel to that far distant land you’ve dreamed of? Star in that movie, rock-band, fashion commercial? MacGyver yourself!

The more you refuse to accept that you can’t, the more likely you are to succeed. Be bold, be brave, and go for that dream that lives in your heart. I guarantee, it will be worth it.


A Way to Harness The Secret Visualization Tool


References to the Subconscious Mind

If you are on the Secret mailing list, or have even browsed popular videos posted on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with the Secret Visualization Tool. I watch this video every day, at least once, and I wanted to share a particularly simple technique I use to create a more influence-able subconscious in order to absorb the affirmations in that video. (Just repeating affirmations while in an awake Beta state has never done much for me personally)

Books abound that explore the power of the Subconscious Mind, and the all-encompassing, potent influence it has on us. There were even several speakers in the Secret (the full length feature movie), that directly or indirectly admitted their recognition of this greater mind, and the following includes some examples:

The most specific Reference to this below-conscious level of our mind was provided by Michael Beckwith:

You end up attracting to you the predominant thoughts that you are holding in your awareness whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious — that’s the rub.

Jack Canfield’s example of attaching what appeared to be a $100,000 dollar bill, on his ceiling, is a classic example of a routine subconscious reprogramming exercise. He looked at it upon waking, and also saw it as the last thing before falling asleep — two different times where you don’t have to work at dropping into the deeper Alpha brainwave. The Alpha just naturally occurs.

Finally, Loral Langemeier indirectly references (in the quote below) the effect of our subconscious programming when she spoke of the challenge associated with affirming to yourself, the statement: “Money comes easily and frequently”.

“In the beginning, it’s a lie. It’s a tennis match that goes on for a while”.

And what is meant by this, is the resistance offered by the below-conscious layers of beliefs.

The How To’s Of The Procedure

Before I click the Play button on the Visualization Tool video, I close my eyes, breath deeply twice, and I just think “Alpha”.

How does simply thinking a word or phrase instantly drop my brainwave state to the Alpha state?

For me to be able to switch to this lower brainwave state, I had to, in advance, prepare my subconscious to trigger this lowered state.

First, I prepared an affirmation such as:

“When I think the word “Alpha”, I instantly and easily experience this relaxed state of mind.”

I did this for 14 days straight (just to make sure, but that’s just me), in order to verify that the association between the word, and the actual brainwave state, really kicked in. I may not have had to do this meditation so many times, and I’m sure it will take you much less time.

For these “Alpha-trigger” meditations (that program this switch inside me), I obviously needed a way to put myself into the Alpha state in the first place!

So for these 14 instances, I used a technique that I’ve seen from many sources, and possibly started by Jose Silva. And that is to simply count down from 100 to 1, relaxed with your eyes closed. If you are serious about it, and just focus on the numbers and nothing else, you will probably fall into a deeper state much sooner, perhaps around the count of 80.

Once you begin feeling that state where your body jumps and/or you are seeing weird images that make no sense, you are experiencing what is called the “hypnagogic” state.

This means you’re in the Theta state, which is deeper and better than the Alpha state for subconscious programming, as long as you don’t fall asleep. However, the Alpha state comes easily enough by simply counting down and having your eyes closed. Personally, I consider this an effective point at which my subconscious is now ready to accept suggestions.

Other Uses For This New Programmed Trigger ability

Now that you have the ability to switch yourself into Alpha instantly, don’t simply use this Alpha “trigger” for preparing yourself to watch the Visualization Tool.

Use it also to program your goals into your subconscious.

For instance, when you are waiting for your tea kettle to boil, or you for the washer to stop spinning, or during a commercial break, first place yourself into the Alpha state, and then read a list of goals you have, all the while Feeling the feelings as if you are possessing these objectives right now. Or read all of the characteristics of just one goal and feel the excitement of all of these ways you will benefit from the goal.

When in Alpha, your conscious mind tends to not interfere, thus allowing your subconscious to slowly write over a belief from not having to, to now having it. Combining both: A suggestive state of mind, along with an intense Feeling state is extra powerful.

You see, The Universal Principle of the Law of Attraction will not tolerate, for very long, that vacuum, which is created when your imagination has carved that new belief, but the thing does not yet exist in the material world.

The imagined goal will be Out-Pictured in the most expedient way, and through the most efficient channels. However, keep in mind, that we have to do our part when our inner gut feeling nudges us toward an action.

In The Secret Movie, for example, the woman desiring the boyfriend obeyed her inner voice to accept the invitation to go to a party.

In Summary:

1.) Create the “switch” in either of two ways:

  • Record on tape, a guided visualization that first relaxes you and then prompts you to affirm: “When I think the word “Alpha”, I instantly and easily experience this relaxed state of mind.”
  • Simply start counting down from 100 to 1, and when sufficiently relaxed (when you will feel you are less aware of your body), state this affirmation

2.) Use this switch by placing yourself in Alpha before gazing at affirmations, or during idle moments, go into Alpha and then look at a desired objective. The Alpha state will remove the opposing chatter that Loral Langemeier mentioned above.

I hope you discover the many benefits of leveraging the Alpha brainwave state as related to manifesting goals.